Stanley 100Amps Change Over Switch 4pole 415Volt

Stanley brand name are made of high quality raw materials and regularly used by qualified engineers . Their switch gear and change over are 99% electrolytic phosphor, Bronze and cooper contacts. contains porcelain of various strength.

‘Stanley’ brand switch gears and change over are no.1 quality products in India, tested and approved. result is the perfection of Stanley products assured perfection utilizing best modern production equipment’s and quality finished goods.

some of their products are;
Gear switches, isolator switch, change over switches(powder coating, sheet metal body), bus bar chamber(powder coating, sheet metal body), porcelain kit kat fuse.

When Reliability is vital “STANLEY” is your safety partner

Quality Control

Our quality control department is well equipped. Switches have been successfully tested by National Test House, Mumbai Electrical Research & Dev Agency (ERDA) Baroda, Regional Test House, Mumbai. For general requirements, temperaturerise, high voltage and mechanical endurance.
Switches have been approved by Fire Insurance Corp.of India, Mumbai.
‘STANLEY’ switch fuses conform to British specifications as well as Indian standard specifications, namely B.S.2510(1954), B.S.861 part1(1955), I.S.4064(1967).

Salient Features
Easy for installation and maintenance
1. Every facility is available for wiring , maintenance and fitting of cable boxes.
2. The terminals are suitable for aluminium & copper cables.
Quick make-and-break operation
Switches are provided with a spring assisted quick make-and-break operating machanism to minimize arcing.
Low contact resistance

Besides providing liberal contact area, when copper contact blades meet brass terminals they are snugly held and constantly pressed against the smooth sides of the terminals.
This is insured in every unit by
1. Selection of brass terminals of correct composition and measurement.

2. Making contact blades of a special design formed from rolled electrolytic copper strip of accurate thickness. The round edge of contacts avoid sharpness and minimize sparking of contacts.
3. Specially designed phosphor bronze carrier springs enveloping the terminals to firmly grip the contact blades and press them against the terminals.
4. Assembling the terminals with the carrier springs on an accurate fixture so that there is no air gap between the copper contact blade and the terminal.
This is how the contact resistance is significantly reduced and thereby the rise in temperature is kept to the minimum level.

Wiring Facility
In addition to providing ample wiring space, there is a special facility to have connections in four alternate ways
1. Incoming from bottom outgoing from top.
2. Incoming from top outgoing from bottom.
3. Incoming from top out going from top.
4. Incoming from bottom, Outgoing from bottom.

Protection Against Flash of Electric Spark
Ample flash over distances are provided to make the units suitable for controlling highly inductive loads.

It is not possible to open the switch cover when the switch is in the ‘ON’ position and also make the switch ‘ON’ position if the switch cover is open.

Human safety consideration
All live parts are shielded with insulation shrouds.

1. Earthing terminal is provided on the case of each switch.
2. Neutral link can also be fitted.
3. The units are of the totally enclosed, dust, dump and vermin proof design and are made of Iron Clad enclosure as well as Sheet Metal enclosure.

Standards and mechanism has been tested satisfactory to the specific test as follows:
1. Dielectric Test
2. Mechanical Operation Test
3. High Voltage Test
4. Insulation Resistance Test
5. Temperature Rise Test
6. Mini Volt Drop Test


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